What's the story?

Hey, we’re Caramico, your pizza pals. The name is a delicious fusion of the Italian and Irish words for friend – cara and amico.

Our pizza is the real Italian deal, perfect for tearing and sharing when you’re having a natter with friends or family. We spent loads of time in Italy (poor us!), talking to local pizza masters, learning how to make dough that would get the nod of approval at any neighbourhood pizza place in Naples. We use the best Italian tomatoes and Fior Di Latte mozzarella in our pizzas, baked in stone based ovens handmade by experts in Italy, so you get to enjoy a genuine slice of the dolce vita.

We want to start a movement with our good buddies, top Irish foodie producers who love trying out world-class tastes like Spicy Nduja Sausage or our exclusive Pepperoni, to see if they work on a pizza. Trust us, they soooo do!

If you’re hungry and in a hurry for perfect pizza, ours are ready in four minutes out of the oven, you can even order ahead.

We promise to put a smile on your face.

We’re Caramico, your pizza pals.

Drop in and say ciao...

Basil Pizza
€5 before 5pm
Double Deal
Mini Deal
The Family
The Solo
Twice as Nice

Time and a place for everything

Our pizza is that good, you might fancy some for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Seriously though, we wouldn’t recommend it. The best way to enjoy the premium ingredients in a Caramico Pizza is as a treat, once or twice a week and part of a balanced diet.

Worth Waiting For

Don’t worry, your classy Caramico pizza is ready out of the oven in four minutes. But we take our time with the ingredients, to get it just right.

That’s why we chill and prove our unique dough for 96 hours, to release the magic combination of olive oil, fresh yeast, sea salt, water and OO flour, the gold standard flour for a genuine Italian pizza.

That’s why we wait for the San Marzano tomato harvest from volcanic soil in the foot hills of Mt. Vesuvius. These gorgeous pointed tomatoes have thicker flesh and fewer seeds, for a rich and sweeter flavour compared to more acidic varieties. (Acidic tomatoes makes us a bit sad!) They come from the small town of San Marzano sul Sarno near Naples, and are designated as the only tomatoes that can be used in a proper Neapolitan pizza.

That’s why we insist on smooth and tangy Fior Di Latte Mozzarella. It’s made the traditional Neapolitan way, with whey starter and raw milk, the curd stretched using the pasta filata technique, no other mozzarella melts quite like it. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

The Things That Matter to Us

Our Local Communities

When you pick up a Caramico Pizza, you’re supporting jobs, producers and distributors in local communities across Ireland.

Our Environment

Our pizza boxes are made with renewable resources, specially designed to provide more heat retention with less material. They’re compostable too, so when you’ve finished every last bite of your delicious Caramico Pizza, just rip the box into small pieces and throw it in the compost bin.

Our Good Food Pals

Caramico is a collaborative effort between top foodies from Ireland and Italy. Here are some of the super-stars in our Good Food Pals Movement.

St. Tola's Goat's Cheese

St. Tola's Irish Goat's cheese is know as one of the premium artisan cheese products in Ireland. Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith has been leading the way for the past 20 years developing this delicious gourmet Goat's cheese which is hand-made in the townland of Inagh, just south of the Burren in Co. Clare. 

Hampshire Ham

Luke and Helen Bogue have been rearing pigs in the remote Drumlin landscape around Ballineagh Co. Cavan for over 30 years. They give a special quality feed to their Hampshire pigs, a breed renowned for its leanness and Flavour.